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  • Description: Aqua Vet: Shoreline Weeds Qt. 4/Cs
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  • Effective herbicide treatment for emergent weeds along shoreline.
  • Weeds must be present to control (Cattails and other emergent vegetation).
  • Best kill when emerged weeds are actively growing add non-ionic surfactant to enhance uptake of chemical.
  • Non selective kills vegetation that received treatment to the root.
  • 1.5 oz per gallon of water plus 2 tsp/gallon surfactant of water. 1 qt makes up to 25 gallons spray solution. Treats up to 10,000 sq ft/ 1/4 acre of target weeds. Thoroughly cover weeds for optimum kill.
  • Safe for fish, swimming, waterfowl and livestock. 
  • Shoreline weeds Water lily (emerged) Cattails Emerged vegetation 
  • Aquatic vegetation that has emerged from the surface and grows along shoreline.
  • Down to-the-root control is needed.
  • Use ONE QUART for up to 10,000 sq ft (1/4 acre) for submerged weed control.
  • CURATIVE: Use whenever weeds are emerged and are actively growing.

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