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Rut u2013 Use during, through and after the rut. Used mainly in scrapes or scent trails. Use a drag. It works as a urine attraction on buck and does. Use to over mark existing scrapes. It conditions deer in to frequently visiting hunting site.

Why use Fatal Desire Synthetic Lures? Improves scouting. Improved results. Does not spread disease. Cause mature bucks to respond during daylight hours. Longer shelf life. Cost less than natural lures. Attraction Action Success.

How to use Synthetic Lures Make several mock scrapes or use existing scrapes in your hunting area around bedding, traveling corridors, and safety areas. Locate a overhanging branch next to a scrape or mock scrape for the Fatal Desire Gland. Use at least a quarter ounce on branches, scrapes and mock scrapes. Condition the deer in your area prior to your hunting season. Fatal Desire Gland can be used in conjunction year around with Pre/Post Rut and Full Rut. Refresh monthly until August then refresh ever week. Refresh your site every time you hunt. If you do not receive a response with in a week move the site a short distance to a new location to locate mature deer. The mature bucks will tell you the right location to hunt.

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