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Clean and protect your chinchilla's coat with L'avian Chinchilla Dust. Chinchillas are clean, fastidious animals and in the wild, they roll in volcanic dust to clean their coat and relieve stress. They also have a lot of fun frolicking in it too! Chinchilla Dust Bath is made with natural dusting powder to mimic their natural environment. It absorbs excess oils and moisture, leaving your pet's coat clean and healthy. Pour a layer of dust in a flat plan or chinchilla bath house and give your chinchilla access to it for about five to ten minutes every day or every week.

  • All natural dusting powder is made from natural pumice
  • Protects your chinchilla’s coat by absorbing access oils and moisture
  • The perfect way to help keep your furry friends coat healthy and shinny
  • Rolling around in volcanic dust helps to relieve stress
  • The perfect bath for your chinchilla to enjoy weekly or daily

Place thin layer (Approximately 1/4 inch) of the dust in a flat pan. Place the chinchilla in the pan for 5-10 minutes. Repeat weekly, more frequently if desired.

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