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Nelson Wholesale Unique Feed and Pet Products

Nelson Wholesale Service, Inc. works closely with Independent Feed Stores and Pet Centers to provide them with the products and services to make them more successful. We believe that success is built through long-lasting relationships.

Operating Area

Nelson Wholesale Service, Inc. operates across the southern United States.  If you are in this area, we would love to talk to you. 


Does my store have to be in Texas in order to open an account?

-Nelson Wholesale operates in several states. New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. We also service select counties in Arizona, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

-If you are outside our area of operation, we cannot open an account.

-A warehouse in one of the qualifying states is not enough, your physical store must be the one in the qualifying locations.

What kinds of products do you carry?

-We carry a wide variety of products for Ranch and Pet supply stores. From horse vaccines to dog food to weed killer.

-If you are looking for a specific item, feel free to call the office and ask if we keep it in stock.

Can I see a price sheet?

-Pricing is determined by your personal sales rep. In order to get correct pricing, you will have to first meet with a salesperson.

Can I see your catalog?

-Our inventory is too extensive to have one full catalogue. Please contact your sales rep or your customer service rep and tell them the kinds of products you are looking for. They can then help find a select few brands or products that will suit your needs.

-Feel free to browse the website once you have set up an account with us.

Are there any order requirements?

-All orders must meet a $500 minimum. 

-The $500 do not have to be all on one order. You can put in any number of small orders so long as the total adds up to $500 or more

-Any brand of pelleted pine bedding does not count towards the $500 minimum. The order must meet $500 in addition to the cost of the pellets.

-Out of Stock items are not penalized. If your order amounts to $500 and we don’t have all product, we will still send you what we do have in stock.

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